The treatment is now poised for a global premiere. Cuba’s state pharmaceutical company, Labiofam, recently began mass-producing a homeopathic version called Vidatox. A handful of countries have registered it for sale, and a small black market to move the product around the globe has emerged. SOURCE:

Hungarian drug distribution company, Medimpex, has been granted exclusive rights to import and sell Vidatox, a drug developed in Cuba used to treat cancer, to retailers in Jamaica. According to Cuban scientists, the benefits of the homeopathic drug, Vidatox 30 CH, has raised life expectancy and quality of life in a group of patients undergoing […]

HAVANA, Cuba, May 7 (acn) Cuba has begun to export Vidatox, a medical product for cancer therapy derived from a toxin found in scorpions, as announced by Jose Antonio Fraga, the director of the Havana-based Pharmaceutical and Biological Laboratory (Labiofam), which produces the medicine. Fraga explained that the substance is extracted from the Rhopalurus junceus, […]

Cuba is working on four research projects on anti-cancer treatments using the venom of a type of scorpion that is endemic to the island, government officials announced Tuesday. One of those projects, which is being undertaken by the Cuban firm Labiofam, has come to fruition and the homeopathic medication Vidatox is already being sold in […]